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Amazing Poems by Frank Palacio


Young Man Donít let Your Pants Sag!

By Frank Palacio, author, poet



Young man, have pride, look at yourself

Dress for success, they used to tell us. Be neat

Dress smart, shine your shoes, tuck in your shirt

And comb your hair. You are black, white or brown

Represent your family, community, and your race

Donít sag.

Young man, study hard, be smart, set goals,

Work hard, you are black, that counts against you

Behave yourself, help your community,

And do well in school

Make your family proud. Donít Sag.

Young man, know your roots

You come from kings and queens

There is greatness in your

Blood and in your genes

You have so much to offer

Your race depends on you now, more than ever

Donít let us down. You donít have time to sag.

Young man, your brothers are falling around you

They want to be rich without doing any work

They have forgotten about the ideals set by

Frederick Douglas, Booker T, Dubois,

Doctor King and Mohammed Ali.

They are hooked on TV, MTV and BET.

They are hooked on Nike, Jordanís and expensive things

Detoxicate from your addiction to bling bling

You canít afford to sag.

Page 2 (young man donít Let your Pants Sag)

Young man, you have things to do

Finish the work of our matriarchs and patriarchs,

Inventors and intellectuals

Make Harriet Tubman, Mary McLeod Bethune.

And Rosa Parks proud

Think of the sacrifices of Jackie Robinson,

Paul Robeson and John Johnson of Ebony and Jet

Donít imitate the negative you see. Donít sag.

Young man, lift up your pants

You canít do their work if

Your pants are falling off your butt and you are

Walking bow-legged and bent down, ridiculously

Lifting them up like a bum or a circus clown.

Have pride in yourself and where you came from

Be strong always and donít sag.


I Miss you and I will cry if I want to, Carolyn

By Frank Palacio

You were a saint when it came to kindness

But some saw you as steel , thatís their blindness

you taught our children, and it was correct

When you enter the room show, some respect

Your smile was sunshine, you werenít big on giving a hug

You would say stop being mushy with a shrug

Time after time you showed your love and caring

With phone calls, birthday cards, gifts, and by sharing

You would say I sent you a gift, it was edible

You didnít call. Did it taste terrible?

you were strong and held our family together like glue

We thank you Carolyn, with all our hearts, we do

You enjoyed singing solos in church for the Lord

You belonged to many prayer groups to share His word

The stories and jokes you told were always funny

Even while sick , your punchline was on the money

You left your mark on many hearts and many lives

For Christopher, Cherish, and for all your love survives

You are going home to God now to get your rest

To join your husband David. Your life was a success.

I miss you dear sister and I will cry if I want to

I am sorry, this hurts so much and I just have to

Goodnight, but never never goodbye, Carolyn

Sleep in heavenly peace our precious, precious Darling



This poem has been copyrighted and permission must be obtained before it can be used, reprinted or distributed.


Ode To Facebook: Mad Facebook Love

                                              By Frank Palacio (Co-author of Middle Schoolin)



Facebook, what does it do?  Who needs it?

Some use it a great deal, others only a bit

Whatís the big deal?  Well, it all depends

Itís like chatting with a neighbor over a fence


At first the users were few, they had a clue

Now I know itís better even than beef stew

I was much too busy and much too grounded

Now I know it makes your education more rounded


Myspace was replaced by those with taste

So we all joined Facebook with great haste

Hi Five went shall we say bye bye or Bye Five! 

Abuzz and a twitter Facebook made us feel alive


I added friends and they confirmed me.

Without my new friends, where would I be?

Facebook sent notifications and messages

I felt gratification like students with A averages


I told my friends my status regularly 

Some were not discreet, not particularly

They were not, not at all cautious

I wish they would take a hike or a hiatus


My Facebook fascination and addiction grew.

Whatís the benefit what will to me accrue

Now friends have I from Belize to Bangalore

Maybe one day for me a friend will open a door


You canít tell me what I feel isnít love

Beyond the call of duty way above

Facebook, you are always on my mind

I have to check my messages all the time


We learned to write in a new language

Facebook youíre like a new, Subway sandwich

We used terms like IDK, BTW, and LMAO

We hope you know that we love you so


On FB, we can come together as one, family

If religious, you can share scriptures happily

We can unite with people of different races too

Obama used it to get elected but he also paid his due


Imagine if Napoleon Bonaparte had had a Facebook page

But too bad, for him he lived in a different age

He would have owned and conquered even more

Bye now friends, I love Facebook but donít want to bore.



 Here is a poem that I wrote for my dad while he was in the hospital recently.
I hope you will like it.


I watched Over My Dad Tonight

                          by Frank Palacio (www.middleschoolin.com)


I cried silent tears in the dark tonight

as I watched over my sick dad.

By his hospital bed I sat and thought.

I wish I could bear the pain for him.

I know for me he would do the same.


Where would I be without my

dad who was always there for me.

My tears fell like water from a dripping

faucet tonight as I traveled through time

with my dad at my side.


He was as strong as a rock and as straight as

as a pine tree when he was young.

He was a family man and a community

man.  He was always a leader when one

was needed.


When others walked away from commitment

and responsibility he walked in... like a New York

firefighter on that dreadful day.

He raised his family, this gentle, noble lion,

with love and devotion.  That was his way.


I watched over my sick dad tonight and couldnít

stop the flood of sweet, salty tears. 

I watched over my sick dad tonight and

cried as he slept in peace. I love you dad I whispered

as he clutched his rosary beads.



Happy Birthday President Barack H. Obama

By Frank Palacio http://www.facebookeducation.net

Happy Birthday President Barack H. Obama

I hope you have a great birthday with no drama

Find the time for fun and relaxation today

If you decide to sleep in late surely thatís okay

Walk around in your pjs or stay on Facebook all day

With the family or with Bo you have time to play

Or if you want to enjoy your White House brew

Give VP Biden your list of things for him to do

Who dreams real big, of becoming The President

You were the best man for the job thatís evident

You have been tested like no other leader before

Your calmness under pressure we most adore

In presidential years you are about seventy- five

Though in wisdom your age is about eighty- five

Weíre celebrating your birthday and your success

Because in life you have surely passed every test

You are the Jackie Robinson of the White House

You have talents and enthusiam no one can douse

You taught the world yes we can and yes weíre gonna

God bless you always happy birthday President Obama



Arlene Sleep

By Frank Palacio

Author ďMiddle SchoolinĒ and Poet

Arlene, sleep, sleep, sleep

No more to worry or to suffer

No more to sob or to cry

Arlene, peace, peace, peace

No more sadness or sorrow

No more to moan or to ask why

You fell in love, deep, deep, deep

And you were so very happy

Your children, your natural high

Arlene one day weíll meet, meet, meet

Some day to see you will be so, sweet

Thinking of you makes me Sigh




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