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FB, Coffee, LOLs and Conversations.
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Facebook Education II
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Facebook Education II:
FB, Coffee, LOLs, and Conversations. How to Get More FB Likes and Comments 

Frank P. Palacio


I am a Facebook enthusiast, and I have the resume to back it up. I joined FB reluctantly at first and in fact, I did so only to promote my first book “Middle Schoolin.” In the process, I
enjoyed the interactions and friendships with new acquaintances as well as reconnecting with old classmates, neighbors, coworkers, etc. that I went from skeptic to a Facebook convert.
Once I got the hang of Facebook, It was a perfect match for me. I wrote a poem, book, prayer, and a joke all about Facebook! I hope to share my Facebook journey and adventure
with all from the Facebook novice right up to the hardcore user. Even if you are a Facebook hater, you will see that there is something in this book for you. There is a reason why teens, preteens, their parents, and now businesses, see a Facebook presence as a must in this day and age. Love it or hate it, Facebook is now a household word, so we might as well embrace it and use it to our advantage.

In this book you will receive many tips and pointers about how to do just that. In his book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” Dale Carnegie states that one of the primal needs that humans have is the need to be acknowledged and recognized. Facebook has done an excellent job of feeding this need. People are able to share pictures, quotes, scriptures, jokes,
etc. and the gratification that they receive can be instant and plentiful. Facebook wants you to feel good about the responses that you get whenever you post your status. How do we know this? Facebook keeps a count of the comments and likes that you receive. There is a direct correlation between the joy one receives and the number of likes and comments that one receives on their status. The feeling is a rush similar to what a comedian receives when he wows his audience or that a singer or other artist receives at the end of a performance.


ABC’s for Better Posts - Tips for better posts and status updates

This fun book contains actual posts of mine, which are placed in a dialogue box, along with the number of likes and comments that the post received. The unedited comments from friends are also placed under each post. For the most part, Facebook is all about getting “Likes and Comments,” especially
if you are a hard core Facebook user, enthusiast, or addict!

Facebook keeps a count to let you know if your post is popular with lots of comments and likes or if it’s a snoozer that only your mother would like and comment on. By reading the examples of my status, posts, and updates, you will be able to tailor your own posts and acquire the art of winning friends and influencing people on Facebook.


Part I Frivolous, Fun, or Foolish
Chapter 1. Jerry Springer

Facebook can be as fun and interesting as you make it. Besides, it can be better than going to the movies, concert, or a sporting event. It is free! You can sit at home in your PJs and amuse yourself and others by being silly. I have learned not to take peoples’ posts too seriously. My rule of thumb, “take
everything on Facebook with a grain of salt.” I have done more than my fair share of kidding around and stretching the truth on Facebook. I am sure I am not alone in doing so! Lol! I enjoy pulling peoples’ legs so I decided to have some fun and post something outrageous just to see what the reaction would be.


My wife says she has something to tell me but will
only reveal it on the Jerry Springer Show and I
have to accompany her! Good morning my
beloved fb family. I need your advice on this one.
Should I go? If it were you, would you go...argh!
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Oh lawd!!! Frank Palacio on the Jerry Springer show? Watch out -or maybe stay tuned, world!! (Grace Marcella Brodhurst-Davis)
1. just let us know which show so we be sure to watch (Gmicheael Reid)
2. Don't do it brother! It NEVER ends well! (JerryWinthrop)
3. Frank Palacio I think your wife is yanking your chains.lol
Just to be on the safe side that Christmas gift better be spectacular! (Rick Lopez)
4. I don't know, I suspect someone is just playing. But nobody, not even a jaguar could find me if I was invited to a Jerry show But I have seen some funny rass shows on there. I d like to see Frank's surprised face when the surprise is revealed. (Tim Shep)
5. So funny...LOL., this must be a joke since you are not a "Jerry Springer" show kind of guy. Good one though!!! Joke of the day. (Idolly D. White)
6. I'd bet my last dollar that your wife is only kidding Frank, but if not im calling in sick the day the show airs so keep me posted!!! Lmao.... (Josephine Nwafor)
7. I say Frank BFF hide under the bed... either that of go buy dozens of the longest red stem roses you could find, boxes of her favorite chocolate and get down on one knee and profess your love over and over, but whatever you did or do, don't go to the Jerry Soringer show, they always ask for a DNA test... hang uo mistletoe all over the house and pucker up... sing sweet love songs all day and write
love poems to her... aye!!! (Theresa Mf)
8. GM Frank u just mek me spill my juice only u papi oh lawddy Frank pon the Jerry Springer Show i will tune in hahaha! (Sharona Sharwin Munning)
9. The perfect opportunity to be on tv and promote the book! (Michael Marin)


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